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One of the simplest methods  seo courses online , to get better your search engine optimization is to look at the technique you name your files. Before writing this lecture, we did a lot of study on filenames and found that search engines like Google give too much significance to filenames. You should believe what you want to put in your web page and then give a related file name to this page. Just try to giving some keyword in Google search engine and you will find file names decorated with the keyword you have given. It proves that your file name should have suitable keywords. File Naming Style  The filename should rather be short and expressive.

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  • It is always excellent  seo courses online , to use similar keywords in a filename as well as in page title.
  • Do not use filenames such as overhaul.htm or job.htm as they are general. Use actual
  • Use service name in your file name such as computer-repairing.htm, which is more precise. Do not use more than 3–4 language in file names.
  • divide the keywords with hyphens rather than underscores.
  • undertake to use 2 keywords if probable.
  • File Name pattern Listed below are some filenames which would be perfect from the users’ point of analysis as well as SEO. Slazenger brand-balls.html wimbledon-brand-balls.html wilson-brand-balls.html

Notice that the keywords are estranged by hyphens rather than underscores. Google sees good filenames as follow:  seo-relevant-filename as seo relevant filename(good) Filenames with underscores are not a good choice. seo courses online ,

SEO ─ Design and Layout

The website design and layout gives the primary idea about your site. There are sites which are too interpret and regular net surfers just reach those sites and come out even lacking creating a single click. Search engines are very elegant but after all, they are software and not person being, who can read the content of their attention. If you make your site too difficult, then the search engine would not be able to parse the content of your site properly, and lastly indexing would not be capable, which results in a low rank. The actual page content should contain a keyword density of about 10% and must weigh in at about 200 words – but there have many opinions about this as there are SEO experts. Some say, keyword density should be 5% and some declare it should be 20%. You can go with 10% which is good enough. Here are a few strategy that you should keep in mind while designing a website.  You should have extra text content than HTML elements. seo courses online ,

  • There have No frames for the reason that they are the enemies of search engines, and search engines are enemy of frames.
  • No ads if possible Because the majority of the ads use JavaScript that is not advised to be worn.
  • No JavaScript. If you require JavaScript, call it from an outdoor file moderately than Dumping the code in the HTML file.
  • JavaScript drop-down menus avoid spiders from packed beyond your homepage. If you use them, be sure to contain text links at the bottom of the page. Do not put something in the page topic that does not fit completely.
  • No pointless directories. Keep your files as close to the basis as possible.
  • No picture stuff (Flash, dash, Animated Gifs, Rollovers, etc.) if not absolutely needed.
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