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A keyword Frequencyis a sound that is used to match with the question a person enters into a search engine to see exact information. Most people go into search phrases seo optimizacija to consist of two or five words. Such phrase may be called search phrases, keyword phrases, query phrases, otherwise just keywords. Good keyword phrases are exact and colorful. The following concepts linked to keywords help in optimizing the keywords on top of a web page. seo optimizacija

This is planned as how often does a keyword emerge in a website title or description. You do not want to go overboard with incidence, however, since on some engines if you go over a word too many times, you are penalized for “spamming” or keyword padding. In a common though, repeat your keyword in the text as many times as you can get missing with, and up to 3-7 times in your list of metatags.

Keyword Weight

It refers to the numeral of keywords appearing on your web page compared to the total number of words appearing on that identical page. Some search engines think this while determining the rank of your website for a particular keyword explore. One technique that often works well is to create some lesser pages, generally just a paragraph long that emphasizes a meticulous keyword. By keeping the overall number of words to a smallest amount, you can augment the “weight” of the keyword you are emphasizing. seo optimizacija

Keyword Proximity

It refers to the residency of keywords on a web page in relative to each other or, in some cases, in relation to other words with a similar connotation as the queried seo optimizacija. used for search engines that rating a keyword match through keyword propinquity, the related phrase ”home loans” will outrank a row that mentions ”home advance loans”, presumptuous that you are snooping only for the phrase “home loans”.

Keyword Prominence

It is a quantify of how early or lofty up on a page, the keywords are set up.A keywords in the first heading and in the primary paragraph (first 20 words or so) on a page are top.

Keyword Placement

Where your keywords are located on a page is very important. For example, in most engines, insertion the keywords in the Title of the page, or in the Heading tags will bestow it further relevancy. On a a small number of engines, insertion keywords in the link text, the division that is underlined on the monitor in a browser, can put in additional relevancy to persons language.

Best Places to Put Keywords

Here is a list of places wherever you should attempt to use your main keywords.

 Keywords in the <title> tag(s).

 Keywords in the <meta name=”description”>.

 Keywords in the <meta name=”keyword”>.

 Keywords in <h1> or other headline tags.

 Keywords in the <a href=””>keywords</a> link tags.

 Keywords in the cadaver copy.

 Keywords in alt tags.

 Keywords in <!– insert comments here> commentary tags.

 Keywords in the URL or website address.

sentence Keywords


There are many unusual ways to find keywords for your website. Some excellent keyword

ideas are:


 The possible words people would use to find your product or service.

 The problems that your future customers may try to solve with your product

or service.

 Keyword tags on top of competitor’s websites.

 Visible page print on competitor’s websites.

 linked search suggestions on top search engines.

 Using an online tools such as Google Keyword Tool.

 By analyzing your website suspiciously and finding out appropriate keywords. This task can

be through by expert SEO copywriters.

 Pay notice to stemming for your keywords – primarily to what the root word is and

what Google considers to be a equal for that word, when optimizing pages over time.

 You can do brainstorming to recognize correct keywords for your site.

What is Word Stemming?

Google uses a aspect called word stemming that allows all forms of the word – singular,

plural, verb form as well as alike words to be returned for a given search doubt.

So if someone types in “house plans”, not only the pages that are optimized intended for that phrase

but the pages that hold all variations of that phrase are returned. For example, “house

plan”, “house planning”, “residence planner”.

wish you have some understanding on keywords and you also make out how to identify them

and where to employ them. The next episode explains how to optimize meta tags for improved


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